About Imi


Bespoke piece of software designed by a mother of two, Nursery Practitioner and an owner of Nursery settings, with you (the parents) in mind. Imi will help you record and give experiences to your child at home through a range of learning opportunities to help stimulate your child's learning and development.


Imi Can be used on every Apple or Android device that has access to the internet.

Record on the go...!

Never miss those special moments and achievements. Imi lets you record on the go... on the bus, in a queue or in the park. Imi is there to help you track all achievements and document them so you can share with extended family or those overseas, or just for you to look back on in the future; or even when they have children of their own.

Get Involved

Become part of the Imi family. Join our Facebook page for more handy hints and chat with other parents.


Watch your child grow and blossom through each stage of learning; recording it all with comments and photos. From their first introduction into the world as a newborn to their first roll, crawl, walk and tumble, all the way up through their first day at an early years setting to their first day of school. Keep tracking, recording and guiding learning with Imi all the way up to their eighth birthday.

Hints and Tips

Imi has hints and tips to help you learn which skills your child need to learn and explore next as well as how you can create experiences and activities to stimulate their growing brain.

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